Aboriginal Health and Wellness Primary Care Clinic provides primary care services to our Urban Indigenous relatives of all ages in the City of Winnipeg. Our clinic provides culturally informed safe healthcare environment for constituents and their families. We believe to achieve your best possible health, a balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, is each constituents right and we are here to help by offering holistic wraparound care within our multidisciplinary team. We build partnerships with other community agencies and health care professionals to respond to your needs and advocate on your behalf when faced with barriers to health care.

Our services include family physicians for all ages; chronic disease management, reproductive health (STBBI testing/treatment, pap tests, pre/postnatal care), addictions (OAT), vaccinations, blood work, wound care, MSP Detox forms, education, DBT therapy, diabetes management, HIV screening and management, mental health care and access to a range of programs. that focus on the social determinants of health across the life spans.