About Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre of Winnipeg Inc.

Established in 1994, AHWC is a non-profit organization, and Manitoba’s only Urban-Indigenous Community Health Agency. AHWC is an agent of change and a leader in the holistic way it approaches the health and wellbeing of the Community Member who uses its services, as well the staff who run these. Our mission, vision, and values describe a deep commitment to blending and balancing traditional and contemporary ways of knowing and learning. The work is unique, challenging, and rewarding.

About the Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre of Winnipeg

Who We Are

Established in 1994, AHWC is a Winnipeg’s only Indigenous Community Health Agency (CHA) that is designed to meet the needs of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Peoples (First Nations (status & non-status), Metis, Inuit, 2SLGBTQQ+). The Centre and its 13 programs is committed to offering a continuum of holistic and contemporary healing services. AHWC is governed by Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous Peoples.

Our Values

We believe that Indigenous peoples have the right to place-based services, as well as an inherent right to our own health and wellness practices, as stated in the United Nations

Who We Serve

We serve Winnipeg’s Indigenous community and refer to the individuals and families who use our services as ‘Constituents’ (CSTs). The term constituent embodies the notion that community members have a ‘vote’ or ‘say’ in the services we provide. Since inception, our agency continues to grow its service care programming based on the needs identified by constituents.

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