About AHWC

Established in 1994, Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre of Winnipeg Inc (AHWC) is a non-profit organization, and Manitoba’s only Urban-Indigenous Community Health Agency. AHWC is an agent of change and a leader in the holistic way it approaches the health and wellbeing of the Constituent who uses its services, as well the staff who run these. Our mission, vision, and values describe a deep commitment to blending and balancing traditional and contemporary ways of knowing and learning. The work is unique, challenging, and rewarding.

Our Vision

All Indigenous people in Winnipeg have equitable access to culturally and community-based resources and supports that they (as individuals, families, and communities) need to attain and maintain health, wellness, and wellbeing.

Our Mission

To provide Indigenous people in Winnipeg with quality healthcare, social support services and other supports that:

  • incorporate a holistic understanding of and approach to health and wellness;
  • bring together the best of conventional and Indigenous medical practice, knowledge, and resources; and
  • empower and equip our community members to take more control of their own health, wellness, and wellbeing.

Our Values

The Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre of Winnipeg, Inc. approaches its work from an Indigenous worldview, which understands that an individual members’ wellness reflects our community’s wellness and our wellbeing, as individuals and as a community, is connected to all people and all things, based on the medicine wheel teachings.

We believe that Indigenous peoples have the right to place-based services, as well as an inherent right to our own health and wellness practices, as stated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We believe that all people have inherent value and worth that should be honoured.

AHWC Leadership Team  
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Director of Housing & Housing Supports Services  
Director of Research – Monica   
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