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Mino-Pimatiziiwin Program

This program is focused on providing services to Aboriginal men who are attempting to make positive lifestyle changes in their lives as role models within the family unit and as agents of change within the community. The program is responsive to individual crisis situations so participants are able to drop in when necessary.


Services will be provided to men (and their family) who:

  • Are of Aboriginal ancestry (Metis, Inuit, First Nation )
  • Reside in the City of Winnipeg
  • Want to make positive changes and movement toward a healthier lifestyle
  • Are eighteen years of age or older

Services Provided

The Men’s Healthy Living Program provides a range of services such as:

One-to-one counseling, Home/office visits, Elder support/counseling, Sharing/Teaching Circles Cultural education & crafts, Sweats, Referral Services, Advocacy and Support, Better Fathering workshop, Personal Development workshops, Guest Speakers

The program goals are as follows:

  • To reduce the incidents of violence, abuse, addictions and a variety of unhealthy and harmful behaviors.
  • To promote healing and wellness based on contemporary and traditional healing strategies.
  • To provide support services for men and their families.
  • To utilize existing linkages with local organizations supporting men, women and children.


Contact Information

Senior Counselor – John Garrick

Phone: 204-925-7501

Directors and Staff

Director of Programs – Jarred Baker

Senior Counselor – John Garrick

Support Worker – Alvin Henderson

Organizational vision statement

The philosophy and therefore the vision of AHWC is founded on the concepts within the medicine wheel, which emphasizes provision of resources that enable individuals to attain a balance in their lifestyle necessary of “health”.