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Program Goals
To create a place for individuals who face multiple barriers with opportunities to improve their self-sufficiency and overall quality of life.

Program Objectives

To create a sense of belonging in the Centre and within the community

Provide onsite resources that will bridge the gap to current services

Assist individuals to rediscover their strengths and develop healthier

To offer services that enhance community and social participation.

Employment Readiness Training
Portfolio Development
Volunteer Opportunities
Day Employment
Training & workshops

Like Skills Training
Supports/ Development
Self-care/ Self-esteem
Training/ Workshops
Food Security/ Nutrition
Food Preparation Training

Addictions Supports

Assessment/ Referral Services

Drop-in (Program Participants Only)

Cultural & Traditional Services

Telephone Access

Emergency Clothing

Health & Wellness Promotion

Arts and Crafts

Social & Community



Literacy & Education

Supports and Referrals

Referral Sources

Health Services

Priority will be given to Urban Aboriginal
Must be 18 years of age or older
Residing in the City of Winnipeg
Must be referred
Case management will not be provided
by Stepping Forward and must be maintained
by the referral source

All referrals must meet one of the following criteria’s :
Chronically Homelessness– Individual, often with disabling conditions (e.g. chronic physical or mental illness, substance abuse problems), who are currently homeless and have been homeless for six months or more in the past year
(e g: have spent more than 180 cumulative nights in a shelter or place not fit for human habitation).

Episodically Homeless– individuals, often with disabling conditions who are currently homeless
and have experienced three or more episodes of
homelessness in the past year (of note, episodes are defined as periods when a person would be in a
shelter or place not fit for human habitation for a certain period, and after at least 30 days, would be back in the shelter or place.)

At Imminent risk of Homelessness—
Populations at imminent risk of homelessness are defined as individuals or families whose current
housing situation ends in the near future
( e.g. are unable to secure permanent housing
because they do not have sufficient resources
or support networks immediately available to
prevent them from moving to an emergency
shelter or a public or private place not meant
for human habitation.

If you are interested in the
Stepping Forward

Phone: (204) 925–3706
Fax: (204) 925-3716

Our Centre is open
8:45 AM to 4:30 PM

Monday to Friday
Closed daily from 12:00 – 1:00

funded by:
Homelessness Partnership